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Welcome to Anhui!
Anhui Normal University is located in Wuhu ¨C a state-class open city. Harbored with the natural beauty on the south bank of the Yangtze River and talents of Anhui thanks to its long history, Anhui Normal University is a provincial key university with full-fledged of learning. The university was founded in 1928, the oldest institution of higher education in Anhui Province and also one of the national comprehensive universities established at early stage. The university is an important base for scientific research and innovation, and for cultivation talents as well, and play a big role in the Driver of Prospering Anhui Through Education.
Anhui Normal University was one of the earliest institutions of higher education accredited by the State Ministry of Education to receive international students of both scholarship and self-sponsored categories, and also one of the first Educational Bases Units of Teaching Chinese Language and Culture affiliated to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.
The College of International Education (Foreign Affairs Office) of Anhui Normal University is an integrated college with the functions of university foreign affairs administration and the international students education. The college was established in 1983, staffed with 15 administrator and full time teachers and over 10 part time teachers, responsible for the programs of university international exchanges and cooperation, foreign teachers and international students. Our university has received several thousands of international friends from more than 40 countries and regions from five continents for teaching, doing research, visiting, and for having long and short terms since 1985. Recently we have 7 foreign teachers and over 100 foreign students of various kinds teaching and studying at the university.
The development of foreign student program has built up a good image of the university and brought about a very positive impact on promoting the culture exchange and friendship. In recent years, the program has gained steady progress both in student number and level of education due to the improvement of living and teaching infrastructures. The level of education has developed to the undergraduate and graduate education beyond purely the language training. The sources of students are mainly the scholarship and self-financed students. The College of International Education is responsible to handle everything beginning from A to Z regarding the foreign studentsĄŻ coming, study, and departure.
The university has put the first priority to the quality education for international students, for which it has a group of experienced, well structured instructors having the certificates of TCSL(teaching Chinese as a foreign language), and a relatively perfect teaching system. Students make speedy progress here, which has witnessed in the high passing rate of the HSK tests.
The university attaches great importance international exchanges in education, and has established and developed friendly cooperation with about 50 overseas higher education institutions and educational agencies, and conducted mutual benefited collaborative projects respectively, which have raised the teaching and research quality, and advanced its level of academic globalization.
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